Are You Selfish? (Facebook’s Organ Donor News)

Are you selfish?  I mean, are you an organ donor?

If you’re in touch with the news, you’ve recently heard that Facebook is making the fact that someone is an Organ Donor an option to fill out and publicly state their organ donor status.

Since the news hit, I’ve been talking with people and reading comments on blogs and I am seeing that people aren’t happy with this announcement from the social giant.

Yes, I get that people don’t want to “advertise” that they’re organ donors or not organ donors. They feel like Facebook is using it’s social influence (900 million users) to further the cause of organ donation.  If all of your friends are posting “I am an organ donor”, it’s probably going to influence you to become one as well.

To me, if you let your friends influence your movie, music, book, sports teams, and lifestyle decisions, why wouldn’t you want them to influence a choice that can save many lives in the event you lose yours?

But my gripe really isn’t with the “public-ness” or “social-ness” of the announcement, it’s more with the fact that people aren’t organ donors.

I don’t care if you have Facebook or state that you’re an organ donor on Facebook.  Your personal information is yours to share as you wish.  But, to me, I can only think of one reason NOT to be an organ donor.  A Religious reason.  If you believe that organs being removed after your death violate your religious convictions, I COMPLETELY understand this conviction and applaud you for sticking to your convictions.

But what about those without this conviction?  Why aren’t you an organ donor?  Are you lazy? Are you mean? Are you selfish? Are you unknowing?

I just can’t fathom NOT wanting to help save a life or two in the event I come to an untimely death.

If you are an organ donor and you don’t know how to say so on Facebook, here’s how:

  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Click on your name to view your timeline
  3. Where you normally put your status update, click on “Life Event”
  4. Click on Health and Wellness
  5. Click on Organ Donor
  6. Fill out the details and you’ve now told your friends that you’re a donor!



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