iOS Problem Fix: iMessage Not Delivered

If you’ve seen the words “Not Delivered!” under an iMessage on your iOS device, you’re probably not the happiest camper.  You want your text messages read and replied to, not sitting in nowheresville cursing you with the red exclamation point!

This post will help you fix your iMessage not delivered issue.  There are several ways, lets take them one at a time, starting with the easiest (actions are in bold):


  1. Use WiFi
    1. Sometimes your cellular network can be the culprit.  Hop on a WiFi connection and see if that works.
    2. When you log onto a WiFi connection, verify you can go to the internet (visit in Safari)
    3. Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Choose a hotspot
  2. Disable WiFi
    1. You may be connected to wifi, but not logged in
    2. There have been bugs where cellular data would not work when WiFi was on, even though you weren’t connected to a WiFi hotspot.
    3. When you log onto a WiFi connection, verify you can go to the internet (visit in Safari)
    4. Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Wi-Fi (OFF)
  3. Change the “Caller-ID”
    1. There have been bugs with using more than one caller-id.
    2. There have also been bugs with using an e-mail address instead of a phone number.
    3. There have also been bugs when you don’t use the AppleID e-mail address as the Caller-ID.
    4. Settings -> Messages -> Receive At -> Caller ID -> Choose a Phone Number (or Apple ID)
  4. Disable iMessage on all other Apple devices
    1. There have been bugs with iMessage syncing using more than one iOS device.
    2. Make sure you disable the Mac version as well!
    3. Settings -> Messages -> iMessage (OFF) on all but one iOS device
  5. Restart iMessaging
    1. A good old fashioned “restart” should do the trick.
    2. Settings -> Messages -> iMessage (OFF) on all iOS devices
    3. Turn iMessages on on one device at a time, verifying each device before moving onto the next
  6. Reboot your iOS device
    1. A reboot tends to free up memory, help with leaks, etc.
    2. Hold the power key and slide to power off
    3. Hold the power button to power on
  7. Change your DNS (Wi-Fi only)
    1. Your current ISP’s DNS servers may not have knowledge about Apple’s iMessage servers. Google’s DNS servers probably will.
    2. Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Your Hotspot -> DNS =
  8. Reset Network Settings
    1. Every once and awhile your iOS device gets a little confused in regards to networking.  The best fix is to bring it back to factory defaults.
    2. Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings
  9. Change your AppleID password
    1. Apple recently introduced new password security mechanisms.  iMessage may be trying to enforce these even though your login still works.
    2. Go here ( to change your AppleID password.
  10. Delete Mac iMessages Beta
    1. The Mac OS X version of the iMessages is still in beta, which means it’s full of nice little buggies and can cause issues on your iOS devices.
    2. People have had good success with disabling the iMessages account within the app, but others have had to delete the app entirely.
    3. Use the Beta Messages Menu > Uninstall Messages (this will restore iChat for you)
  11. Restore you iOS device (WILL REMOVE ALL DATA and take a LONG time)
    1. When all else fails, restore the device back to factory defaults.
    2. If you’re at this level, it’s best to do this through iTunes.
  12. If none of these work, iMessage could be down (like it was on April, 9 when my webserver got slammed!!)



Hopefully this helps!


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Responses to “iOS Problem Fix: iMessage Not Delivered”

  1. iPhone and ipad will only deliver to Apple or Mac products
    What can I do

  2. Went through all of the steps above, twice. STILL can not send a text from my ipad and the only way I can send it from my iphone is to wait for it to not send then press and hold the text bubble until it gives me the option to NOT use iMessage!
    Apple needs to fix this problem, “Apple products just work” guess that died with Steve RIP

    • That’s so strange…. If you have iMessaging turned on and you’re apple account is operational I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It doesn’t like iMessage is working on either device which makes me think it may be an account issue rather than a device issue. Have you tried taking it into an Apple store?

  3. Thanks so much Ben. I had tried so many hints to fix my imessage issue. Discovered through trial and error that it was a wifi problem. I changed my DNS to and worked like a charm immediately. Great tech Help!

  4. The step 7 working for me! Yay finally I can chat wit my friends

  5. mine still doesnt work.. it pretends to send and then stops just short.. then says not delivered… ive tried everything up on that list except the full restore.. god help me… 😛

  6. Thanks for all this… I finally found the source of my troubles, in case this will help anyone else, was that I was trying to send a message via Siri… which defaults to using the mobile phone number for your contact first. In my case, it was a phone number my only uses for an overseas phone… when we were not overseas. When I tried sending the message manually from Messages (tapping the new message button in the app, picking the comtact) it went just fine. Some have suggested setting up a separate email only contact for people in your address book that this might happen with… and oths suggest you can simply be more specific with Siri when you create the message (specify you want to sent to name “email”). This won’t be everyone’s situation, but might help some.

    • Thanks John! I’ve noticed this before. For some reason, I use like 4 e-mails and a phone number to send iMessages.. :)

  7. I was sending something to my friend and iMessage froze and I have tried everything except 11 and 12! What should I do

  8. I am not able to receive or send any msg using imsg on my ipad 2 after i have updated ios 6 . Why is it happened ??

  9. For some reason I am unable to send messages on my iPad2, most of the time. It decides when it wants to work properly. I’ve completed the steps above but messages are still not being delivered. Any thoughts?

  10. Thank you for this information. I was actually able to resolve the problem myself following your instructions and for someone who is not into technology you made it very easy.

  11. Hey thanks so much it really works

  12. Thanks! You rock the help blog. People posting info should do it like you

  13. Normally I don’t learn post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, very great post.

  14. I appreciate you posting this so much! I really didn’t know what to do with my iPod because it simply jut would not work and it was so annoying. I was just praying that the Lord would help me find something or someone who could help solve my problem and he led me straight to you. And I feel really blessed that you posted these tips. I know if my mom found out I messed my iPod up she would’ve been very mad at me and then she would have to take time out of her day to solve my mistake and just finding this link role me an hour or even more!

  15. Hi, thanks so much for this post!

    If I reset my network settings, would that delete all profiles that had been installed also? As I take my device to school, they have installed programs that filter the internet sites. Would resetting the network settings delete those also?


    PS: I am not trying to use iMessage when connected to the schools network, I am at home (Wi-Fi connection). Thank you.

  16. i have att and the other person i am (trying to) imessage with has verizon. both devices are iphone 4. when i try to send an imessage, the blue text bubble appears, but it never says delivered. after several minutes it will just send as a text message. we have both tried all of these suggestions and nothing worked, we’re still having the problem. any idea what might be wrong?

    • If it’s just happening between these two specific devices, there may be something happening on the AppleID level. You may try and use a different AppleID and see if that works.

    • Reset your network settings it really works.

  17. to be fair, these are workarounds, not fixes, as almost every single one sacrifices the service somehow to be less functional than it is intended to operate. May as well have a #11 – stop using iMessage, as that would guarantee to eliminate all errors as well.

    • That’s true…. but iMessages is so useful when it works. If Apple could get it to the reliability of BBM, it’d be perfect.

  18. None of these worked…. iPhone 4s iMessage is working great, iPad original not working and never has worked.